KWI – Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Kulturwissenschaftliches Intitut Essen, KWI)

Project Citizen Participation and Biotechnology

Principal Investigators: Prof Dr. Patrizia Nanz, Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Strech (Hannover Medical School)
Coordinator: Henrike Knappe, Sabine Stumpf (Hannover Medical School)

Cooperation Partner: Institute for History, Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine
Duration: since 01/2015

In cooperation with the Institute for History, Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine we want to study citizen participation in the context of biomedicine. Participation about ethical issues such as in biomedicine becomes more of an essential focus in different disciplines. Politics, society and medical researchers have recognized that public debate and participation prior to the development of technological innovations, e.g. in the area of biotechnology, are of central importance. Our cooperative project’s research goal is the exploration of the peculiar conditions of citizen participation in the biomedical field.