KWI – Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Kulturwissenschaftliches Intitut Essen, KWI)

Project Handbook 'Democracy'

Principal Investigator: Prof Dr. Patrizia Nanz
Coordinator: Henrike Knappe

Cooperation Partner: J. B. Metzler Verlag / Federal Agency for Civic Education

At the center of this handbook are current debates about the development and potential reinvention of contemporary democracy. It considers the present conflict lines, tendencies and innovations of democracy. The differentiation in pluralist societies is one of the central conflict lines that had been discussed recently. In the context of political representation and the recognition of social groups this phenomenon becomes a crucial question for democracy. The challenges of representing future generations that cannot articulate their interests is another relevant question for democratic theory and practice. A second very relevant conflict line is the one between market and democracy. Besides the usual diagnoses of post democracy and a democratic system that is toothless against the market forces, this handbook shall also discuss how democracy can be reinvented after the financial crisis.