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Project Identities and Modernities in Europe (IME)

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Armando Salvatore, Dr. des. Thea Boldt

Funded by: European Commission European and national identity construction programs and politics, culture, history and religion
Duration: 05/2009 - 05/2012

IME investigates European identities.

European identities in this project refer to a wide range of definitions of ‘us, the Europeans’ proposed and acted upon by various actors in nine countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

The project addresses three major issues regarding European identities:

• What are European identities?
• In what ways they have been formed?
• What trajectories may they take from now on?

IME investigates the diversity of European identities as it manifests itself in the nine cases. It examines the various ways in which these diverse self-definitions have been formulated and maintained in different societal, cultural and systemic settings and in which they have been interacting with various processes and forces. It endeavors to identify commonalities among diverse European identities in the nine cases as the basis of a well-founded projection of possible trajectories that European identities may take as the process of European integration continues.

Project duration: 1st May 2009 - 30 April 2012
Project contract number: SSH-CT-2009-215949
Project coordinator: Dr. Atsuko Ichijo
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Kingston University
Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy
Helsinki University
Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques
University Duisburg-Essen / Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen
The Institute for Ethnic and National Minority Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
International Centre for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations
Istambul Bilgi University
University of Zagreb


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