KWI – Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Kulturwissenschaftliches Intitut Essen, KWI)

Research areas

Project Transformational Strategies and Models of Change for a Sustainable Societal Change

Principal Investigators: Professor Rainer Grießhammer (Ökoinstitut e.V. – Institute for Applied Ecology), Professor Claus Leggewie (KWI), Professor Lucia Reisch (Zeppelin University)
Coordinator: Dr. Bettina Brohmann (Ökoinstitut e.V. – Institute for Applied Ecology)

Cooperation Partner: Ökoinstitut e.V. – Institute for Applied Ecology, Zeppelin University
Funded by: Federal Environment Agency (UBA), Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)
Duration: 10/2012 – 09/2015

How can approaches to sustainable development be anchored in society? Which suitable strategies for effecting this transformation are provided by the background literature? Exploring these questions requires an evaluation of existing knowledge and experience concerning the forms that societal change can take. The project team expounds on strategically initiating the transformation of society to make it more sustainable, for instance via the appropriate political frameworks.