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Research_area Culture of Responsibility

Karin Sander  - 1:9, Ständige Sammlung Stuttgart

Karin Sander - 1:9, Ständige Sammlung Stuttgart

The Culture of Responsibility research area has been concluded in 2012, after eight years of successful research at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities (KWI), Essen. Its former head and director of the Centre for Responsibility Research (CRR), Prof. Ludger Heidbrink, has been seated at the Chair for Practical Philosophy at Christian-Albrecht University Kiel since October 2012.

The following projects will continue to be supported by Prof. Ludger Heidbrink:

The newly-established research areas Europe and Culture of Participation, as well as the research areas Interculturality and Climate and Culture, are now the central focus of the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities (KWI), Essen.


The Center for Responsibility Research (CRR) is a research center within the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen (KWI). It addresses questions of responsibility in modern society from an interdisciplinary point of view. Current issues like the future of the market economy, the relationship between morals and the economy, the social and cultural consequences of climate change and the foundations of liberalism call for a deeper examination of the question of responsibility from a cultural scientific perspective.

The CRR sees itself as a gateway between science and the public. It combines scientific analysis with a generally understandable formulation of problems. The CRR offers a scientific observation platform based on the analysis of the status quo. In cooperation with a network of professional partners it studies current processes of responsibility and develops practical advice on how to act.
The CRR deals with the issue of responsibility in highly complex societies from the point of view of philosophy, economy, sociology and political science. In doing so, it covers fundamental and applied research to an equal extent. The CRR follows an integrative approach that combines system-theoretical, institution-economic and social-philosophical analysis.

The CRR analyzes the growing demands for responsibility which are imposed on societal actors, institutions and organizations from a cultural scientific point of view. The aim of the CRR is to promote international research on responsibility and reveal potential for future development of society, politics, economy and the individual.