KWI- Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen



Projekt Islamic Culture - Modern Society

Principle investigator: PD Dr. Georg Stauth

Duration: 2003-2005

The relations between Islam and modernity are the subject of an international study group established at the “Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen” (Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities), Germany at October 2003. The idea is to study the effects of modernity on religious thought and ways of life in con-temporary Islam.

The group seeks to analyse various trends and changing ideas by focusing on individual, institutional and col-lective players. Critically examined are also the current debates on the roots of monotheism and the breakthroughs leading to modernity and to the currently dominant visions of "Europe” and “the West”. The regional focus of the group includes the comparison of different interactive styles of Islam in coping with modern reconstruction; broadly, in Southeast Asia the ideas of Asian capitalism, Asian values and Islam, in the Middle East the concept of specificity and “re-orientalized” authentication, in Europe the idea of En-lightenment and Islam.