KWI- Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen
Freitag, 08. März - Samstag, 09. März
Referenten: Prof. Bob Brecher, Dr. Ariel Colonomos, Dr. Anna Goppel
Workshop: Torture and Targeted Killing of Terrorists
Ort: Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen (KWI), Gartensaal, Goethestr. 31, 45128 Essen
Veranstalter: KWI

Western societies are torn between the need for security and the fear of loss of human and civil rights, as it happened in Guantanamo Bay. You could save thousands of lives, if you tortured just one terrorist to confess the location of a bomb. But should you do it? How far does the concept of self-defence reach? Can there be justification for preventive war? These questions have gained even more importance since the underlying ethical problems attract increasing media attention. During the workshop researchers from Philosophy and Politics will present philosophical arguments and discuss their theses on the morality and legality of torture, preventive war and targeted killing. The workshop is organised by the Chair of Practical Philosophy, focusing on Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law, at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the KWI.

8th March 2013
10am - 4pm Bob Brecher: “Torture and the Ticking Bomb”
4pm - 6pm Ariel Colonomos: “Can Preventive War be Justified?”
9th March 2013
10am - 4pm Anna Goppel: “Targeted Killing of Terrorists”
4pm - 6pm Final Discussion

Wissenschaftliche Leitung:
Prof. Dr. Corinna Mieth, Lehrstuhl für Praktische Philosophie unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der politischen Philosophie und Rechtsphilosophie, Ruhr-Universität-Bochum und Mitglied im Vorstand des KWI

Referentinnen und Referenten:
Prof. Bob Brecher, Director of the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics at the University of Brighton
Dr. Ariel Colonomos, Directeur de recherche, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
Dr. Anna Goppel, Oberassistentin an der Arbeits- und Forschungsstelle für Ethik der Universität Zürich

Inhaltlicher Kontakt:
Prof. Dr. Corinna Mieth, Lehrstuhl für Praktische Philosophie, Ruhr-Universität-Bochum,

Um Anmeldung bis zum 1. März wird gebeten bei
Maria Klauwer, KWI, Tel. 0201 7204-153,