KWI- Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen
Donnerstag, 23. April - Samstag, 25. April Conference: "What does Philosophy Owe to its History? The Relation of Historical and Systematic Perspectives"
Ort: Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen (KWI), Gartensaal, Goethestr. 31, 45128 Essen
Veranstalter: edition Körber-Stiftung

How does the study of the history of philosophy relate to the way we currently address philosophical questions? - Some philosophers focus on historical texts without attention to current debates, while others debate current problems without reference to the history of philosophy, but a third and increasing number aim to correlate the historical perspective with the current first-order or systematic perspective. However, especially since the emergence of analytical philosophy, the question of the relationship has become highly controversial.

Concept and Organisation:
Marcel van Ackeren, University of Münster

Christina van Dyke, Calvin College, USA
Michael Della Rocca, Yale University
Hans-Johann Glock, University of Zurich
Thomas Grundmann, University of Cologne
Martin Kusch, University of Wien
John Marenbon, University of Cambridge
Jan Opsomer, KU Leuven
Dominik Perler, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Christof Rapp, University of Munich
Ursula Renz, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
John Skorupski, University of St Andrews

Please note that there is still room for only a few further participants. There will be no fee, but a successful application is required for those who wish to attend. Please send a statement explaining your interest to the organizer (