Dr. Sanam Roohi

Associate Fellow

Academic Career

Incoming International Fellow
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (KWI), Essen, Germany

AvH funded Visiting Research Fellowship
Anthropology department, University of Sussex, UK

European Network on International Student Mobility: Connecting Research and
Practice (Working Group II leader since inception)

Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Centre for Modern Indian Studies, University of Göttingen, Germany

08/2020-till date
Associate editor
Comparative Migration Studies (CMS) journal

Marie Curie COFUND Fellow
Max Weber Kolleg, University of Erfurt, Germany

Assistant Professor
St. Joseph’s University, Bangalore, India

PhD in Anthropology
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (funded by WOTRO under the Provincial Globalisation Programme, in collaboration with National Institute of Advanced Studies or NIAS, Bangalore, India

M.A. Political Science
University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India

Research Interests

Transnational migration-social mobility nexus; Global interconnections and the flow of care resources; Everyday gendered violence under populist regimes; Social media publics and transnational political mobilisation, Pandemic and citizen welfare; STEM educational mobility


  • Roohi, S. 2023. Nammakam, wasta and the engineering of differential mobility capital between South Asia and the Gulf. Mobilities.
  • Roohi, S. 2022. No one is self-made: Evolving narratives and practices of giving and shaping of Transnational Kamma caste subjectivities. Ethnography.            
  • Roohi, S. 2020. Anticipating Future Capital: Regional Caste Contestations, Speculation and Silent Dispossession in Andhra Pradesh. Journal of Contemporary Asia. 50:5, 723-742.
  • Roohi, S. et. al. (equal author). 2019. Collective Discussion: Piecing Up Feminist Peace Research, International Political Sociology. 13 (1):  86-107.
  • Roohi, S. 2018. Efficient Donors, Meritorious Receivers: Professionalizing Transnational Philanthropy in Coastal Andhra. Modern Asian Studies. 52(1): 214-37.
  • Roohi, S. 2017. Caste, Kinship and the Realization of American Dream: Coastal Andhra Migrants in the United States. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 43(16): 2756-70.

Extended CV