Mi / 10:00

Workshop: Reciprocity in Academia

Institute for the Advanced Study in the Humanities, Room 109, Goethestr. 31, 45128 Essen

In this follow-up workshop, KWI Fellows and interested humanities scholars will workshop pre-circulated proposal drafts and discuss the latest approaches to humanities scholarship. This interdisciplinary discussion of recent research in German Studies, Architecture, Literature, Body Studies, Visual Studies, Science Studies, Environmental Studies, and History. The title draws on Max Liboiron’s attention to reciprocity in citation practices/politics and encourages us to think about humanit(y)s futures (Pollution is Colonialism, 2021). All participants are expected to precirculate drafts of their book proposals. This event will be in-person only in the KWI lounge, room 109. Papers will be pre-circulated on March 1.