About KWI Blog

Our institute is not solely defined by research publications and appearances of individual researchers or groups in their respective disciplines. The KWI is also perceived as an institution that researches, arguments, and reflects; it represents specific issues and ideas, and possibly even an intellectual style. This does not imply a customizable performance but rather a collective movement of thought which also extends to guests and partners.

The blog is meant to increase our institute’s visibility and invite debates about our work: research and propositions, interventions and critique, epistemic and formal experiments, diagnoses and scenes from everyday scholarship. These may be put forth by one or many voices, like dialogues, debates or interviews.

Guest contributions are welcome after prior consultation: an apparent reference to our research and its political implications is indispensable. We appreciate diversity as well as texts, which address readers active or interested in research.

Essen, March 2020
Julika Griem