Research Alliance Ruhr

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The University Alliance Ruhr bundles its cutting-edge, international research under the umbrella of the Research Alliance Ruhr in four research centers and a College for Social Sciences and Humanities.

In its four research centers, the UA Ruhr addresses the topics of health, sustainability, digitalization and energy: “One Health – from Molecules to Systems”, “Chemical Sciences and Sustainability”, “Trustworthy Data Science and Security” and “Future Energy Materials and Systems”. These four areas, chosen on the basis of their international visibility, will undergo further strategic development. You can find current information on the centers here:

The College for Social Sciences and Humanities, in turn, offers these disciplines the thematic openness necessary to situate and integrate research topics. The college promotes interdisciplinary, international exchange, with three research groups and three new professorships established at interdisciplinary intersections, and international visiting scholars invited to the Ruhr region as part of a fellowship programme. The Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) Essen, one of the oldest joint institutions of the UA Ruhr, serves as a forum for cooperation. With its International Fellowship Programme, Thyssen@KWI Fellowship and five current research focuses, KWI is the springboard for developing the new college. KWI Director Julika Griem acts as a speaker of the college, along with co-speakers Friedrich Balke (RUB), Ute Schneider (UDE) and Maximiliane Wilkesmann (TUD). In close collaboration with colleagues from the participating disciplines at the Ruhr universities, the team of speakers coordinates the measures involved in leveraging internationally visible interdisciplinary research and research-oriented teaching.