“Venice and the Anthropocene”: L. Sasha Gora on the Venetian speciality, baccalà mantecato

“What does Venice look like when observed from the perspective of climate change, environmental collapse, and human-animal relations in an age of industrialization and mass extinction? That is, as a privileged observatory of the Anthropocene?” These are the central questions posed in a new publication by Italian publisher wetlands titled Venice and the Anthropocene: An Ecocritical Guide, edited by Cristina Baldacci, Shaul Bassi, Lucio De Capitani and Pietro D. Omodeo.

KWI International Fellow L. Sasha Gora contributed to this project with a chapter on the local Venetian delicacy baccalà mantecato, i.e. creamed codfish, and its meaning for the unique ecosystem that is the Lagoon of Venice. For centuries, codfish has been one of the most important foods of the Serenissima.

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