Do / 18:00 – 20:00

Fear & Image

A guided tour through Museum Folkwang

Online (WebEx) & Museum Folkwang, Museumsplatz 1, 45128 Essen

Painted, sculptured, photographed – Fear is not only a recurring theme in the arts but also at times a dimension in the creation of art.

A guided tour through the Museum Folkwang, known and honored for its valuable and diverse collections.


Fear: between instinctive panic reaction, threatening basic emotion, pathologically defined disorder, innovation drive or longed-for state of pleasant shivering. This wide spectrum of individual and social dimensions offers ample reason to explore fear from a cultural studies perspective through a series of formats during the summer semester of 2021.

We look forward to stimulating diverse contributions to our KWI blog, the conference “Ecologies of Fear”, the „CineScience“ series in cooperation with the Filmstudio Glückauf Essen (fear + visibility, fear + sound, fear + digitalization), the online seminar “Fear + Exile” in cooperation with the Academy in Exile and an event on fear in art in cooperation with the Museum Folkwang.