Di / 18:00 – 20:00

KWI on Tour: Repression and Solidarity in Global Academia

Panel Discussion on ZOOM

Olga Selin Hünler (Fellow at AiE, Berlin) Egemen Özbek (AiE, KWI), Judit Takács (Fellow at AiE, KWI)

Virtual Meeting, University of Bremen

The event is part of a current lecture series on Solidarity and will take place as a Zoom-Event. It will be held in English.

With the recent rise of authoritarianism and right-wing populism in various countries in Europe and beyond, we are witnessing a severe attack on academic freedom. Increasing anti-intellectual sentiments and systematic repression of academics and their institutions constitute a serious threat to the freedom of critical science. Drawing on the experience and views of the speakers who engage in matters of academic freedom and solidarity particularly in Turkey, Hungary and Germany, we want to discuss the conditions for freedom of thought, research and expression, and how the global academic community can and ought to respond to this crisis. This also includes the more general question of what freedom of sciences entails, and how this topic connects to broader struggles around democracy.