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NoVaMigra Final Academic Conference

The Boundaries of Cosmopolitan Europe


We cordially invite you to a series of concluding events in the frame of the EU Horizon 2020 project NoVaMigra. The Policy-Roundtable “On Norms and Values in Europe’s Migration and Refugee Policy – The Way Forward” is the opening event of NoVaMigra’s Final Academic Conference on the “The Boundaries of Cosmopolitan Europe”. While the Final Academic Conference on 4-5 May 2021 aims at a discussion of NoVaMigra ‘s insights and key findings with academics from the field of migration research, it is the aim of the Policy-Roundtable on 3 May 2021 to facilitate a meaningful debate between the NoVaMigra project and policy makers in the EU.

The goal of this final conference is to present the scientific insights gained throughout the “NoVaMigra” research project and to further discuss their relevance for the future of the European Union with some distinguished scholars in the fields of border, migration, and European studies. This will allow us not only to take stock of and assess what has been achieved over the past three years within the research consortium but also to suggest new directions in which this research effort could be continued.

The scientific goal of this conference is not to settle the political issue of which cosmopolitan model Europe should draw its inspiration from (let alone to decide whether Europe should be cosmopolitan). But it is to provide a synthetic overview of the distinct models of cosmopolitanism that could be applied to the European Union, and more specifically to its migration policies.

Over the course of two days, we will have a different panel every day from 1.30 to 5.30 pm addressing a distinct aspect of the project’s results:

  • Europe as a normative Empire: Can Europe as a (normative) empire have boundaries? If yes, how should it regulate them?
  • A European philosophy of refuge: Are the European values aligned with a philosophy of refuge?
  • European values in the global governance of migration: Cosmpolitan vs. European values: is the EU’s migration governance a boost or a hurdle for the development of a global migration governance?
  • European citizenship and critical cosmopolitanism: The European citizenship: a critical and civic form of cosmopolitanism or an enlarged national citizenship?

The Programme Final Academic Conference (pdf) can be downloaded here.