Mo / 09:30 – 11:30

NoVaMigra Policy-Roundtable

On Norms and Values in Europe’s Migration and Refugee Policy - The Way Forward


We cordially invite you to a series of concluding events in the frame of the H2020 project NoVaMigra. The Policy-Roundtable “On Norms and Values in Europe’s Migration and Refugee Policy – The Way Forward” is the opening event of NoVaMigra’s Final Academic Conference on the “The Boundaries of Cosmopolitan Europe”. While the Final Academic Conference on 4-5 May 2021 aims at a discussion of NoVaMigra ‘s insights and key findings with academics from the field of migration research, it is the aim of the Policy-Roundtable on 3 May 2021 to facilitate a meaningful debate between the NoVaMigra project and policy makers in the EU.

After a general introduction by the NoVaMigra team, three spotlights will highlight key findings of the project:

  • Value Discourses in EU Migration Policy: The Example of Solidarity
  • Values on the Ground: Valuing Gender Equality: Ideas, Practices and Actors in Integration Courses
  • A new Idea(l) for Europe – Cosmopolitan Scenarios

In the second part the relevance and meaning of these insights and findings to practitioners are discussed with policy makers from the EU with an outstanding expertise in the relevant fields.

The Programme Policy Roundtable (pdf) can be downloaded here.