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KWI on Tour: Stefan Höhne Presents “Riding the New York Subway: The Invention of the Modern Passenger”

Book Presentation

Stefan Höhne (KWI)

Virtual Book Presentation

Stefan Höhne will be presenting the English edition of his book, “Riding the New York Subway: The Invention of the Modern Passenger”, published with MIT Press as part of the “Infrastructures” series.

When the subway first opened with much fanfare on October 27, 1904, New York became a city of underground passengers almost overnight. In his award-winning book, Stefan Höhne examines how the experiences of subway passengers in New York City were intertwined with cultural changes in urban mass society throughout the twentieth century. He argues that underground transportation—which early passengers found both exhilarating and distressing—changed perceptions, interactions, and the organization of everyday life.