Dr. Péter Kristóf Makai

KWI International Fellow


April – September 2021  KWI International Fellow, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen
Project: Theme Parks in an Intermedial Context

2018-2020   Crafoord Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Linnaeus University’ Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies

Part of: “Communicating across Media Borders” Project

Research Project: “The Greatest Story Ever Told: Evolution’s Journey Across Mediascapes”

2017 Fall      Adjunct Faculty at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest – Department of English Language Pedagogy and Translation Studies

Teaching: English-Hungarian Translation

2011-2016   University of Szeged, Doctoral School for Literary Studies – Subprogram for English Literatures and Cultures

Dissertation: „Bridging the Empathy Gap: Representing Neurological Difference in Contemporary Autism Novels”
Supervisor: Kérchy Anna and Cristian Réka Mónika

2013              School of Criticism and Theory, 2013 Summer Session – Cornell University

Seminar: Narrative, Intellectual Disability and the Boundaries of the Human

Seminar leader: Michael Berubé

2011-2009   English MA – University of Szeged, Insitute of English and American Studies

M.A. Thesis: Spatial Narratives and Intermedial Metareferencing Incorporated in Two Synthetic Themed Environments

Supervisor: Nagy Gergely

2010              Aarhus Universitet – Intensive Program In Narratology

Theme: “New Media/New Narratives”

Organiser: Stefan Iversen

Jan-May         West Virginia University – Exchange program (1 semester)

Subjects studies: Research Methods in the Digital Age, Metadrama and Metatheatre, Postcolonial Magical Realism

2009-2006   English (B.A.) – University of Szeged, Insitute of English and American Studies

B. A. Thesis: The Ludological Secret of Monkey Island

Supervisor: Dragon Zoltán



  • Game studies
  • Theme park studies
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy studies
  • Evolutionary and cognitive cultural studies
  • Narratology



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