Dr. Judit Takács

KWI Fellow

Professor Takács is a Research Chair at the Centre for Social Sciences that used to belong to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (http://www.tk.mta.hu/en/researcher/takacs-judit), responsible for leading research teams and conducting independent research on topics including the social history of homosexuality, social exclusion/inclusion of LGBTQ+ people, HIV/AIDS prevention as well as family practices, work-life balance issues and childlessness. She completed an M.A. in Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, holds a Ph.D. in sociology (2002), a Diploma Habilitationis (2011), and the Doctor of Science title (2019) provided by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Her most recent publications include “How involved are involved fathers in Hungary? Exploring caring masculinities in a post-socialist context” (published in Families, Relationships, and Societies) and “Democracy deficit and homophobic divergence in 21st century Europe” (published with I. Szalma in Gender, Place and Culture). Currently she is an Academy in Exile fellow at the KWI, Essen.