LogMySelfChances, risks and future of lifelogging and self-quantification in discourse with the young generation

The growing digitalization of vital parts of life changes the relationship between humans and their bodies. This fundamental change can be observed by lifelogging. It can be summarized by diverse activities such as digital self-quantification, recording and publication of personal health data. Shrinking sizes of mobile devices and measuring-apps e.g. collect data of pulse, blood sugar, steps and sleeping quality by biosensors. Moreover, lifelogging includes also complex emotional conditions like joy and sadness. The frame of perception changes subtly. As Christiane Woopen, longtime chairwoman of the German Ethics Council, states, this hides “paradise of good life” as well as “infernal hazards”.

The project LogMySelf: Chances, risks and future of lifelogging and self-quantification in discourse with the young generation addresses this trend. We plan a well-grounded and objective discourse about the legal, social and ethical dimensions of lifelogging for individuals as well as for the society as a whole. Therefore, the project aims to involve young people in a critical discourse about life sciences focusing selfquantification and records of daily life health status. Furthermore, the project places fundamental
competences handling these new options.

In a first step, KWI and IZT will elaborate on a sound foundation for new technologies of lifelogging and its consequences in terms of the discourse project. Consequently, KWI will focus on the concept and implementation of future orientated formats of reflection to be tested in two educational centers of German “Jugendfreiwilligendienste”. Complementarily, IZT will focus on the dissemination of findings and knowledge to settings inside and outside of school. Results will be made accessible and disseminated actively to the public through digital channels like YouTube (in cooperation with a well-known YouTuber), a Bloggercontest as well as drawing up proposals for politicians by the “Jugendbeirat” of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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