KWI International Fellow Kasey Henricks Uncovers Erroneous Parking Tickets

Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Tennessee at Knoxville and KWI International Fellow Kasey Henricks recently released two publications on the phenomenon of incorrectly issued parking tickets: an article in Socius (a generalist journal of the American Sociological Association) as well as a policy report for the Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy.

Kasey Henricks on the project: „These interrelated projects advance an alternative mode of knowledge production that dislodges the category of crime from a policing perspective, all within the world of parking tickets issued under false pretenses in the City of Chicago. Whereas „The Irrelevance of Innocence“ uses a multilevel framework to uncover the antecedents of these erroneous tickets, „475,106 Mistakes“ highlights myriad ways these tickets intensify raced and classed inequalities while deepening profits for corporate interests“.

His findings have been covered in stories from Chicago news outlets WBEZ and WGNNews.

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