KWI welcomes new Afghan fellows

Afghanistan Program Coordinator Frangis Dadfar Spanta joined the Academy in Exile in August 2022. Thanks to her efforts, most of the Afghan fellows have arrived in Germany and are settling in. At KWI we welcome Lida Nazarian, Fatemeh Rezaie and Farzana Wahidy.

Lida Nazarian is an assistant professor and civil rights activist. She has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in general psychology and has been a lecturer at the Herat Institution of Medical Science (Afghanistan) and its partner institutes such as Cap Anamur and World Vision. Her current research project, “Assessing the Depression of Afghan Women after Migration,” focuses on women in Germany.

Fatemeh Rezaie is pursuing her BA in photography from the University of Arts in Tehran, after studying mathematics and physics. She has had several exhibitions on Afghan women and diaspora members in Iran. Her current project focuses on Afghan women’s lives in exile. Her aim is to use her artwork to be the voice of others.

Farzana Wahidy is an award-winning Afghan documentary photographer best known for her photographs of women and girls from Afghanistan. She was the first female Afghan photographer to work with international media agencies. Wahidy has been documenting the lives of Afghan women for more than a decade, and she recently established the Afghanistan Photographers Association. Her photographs have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in several countries around the world. Her current project, “100 Afghan Women,”showcases women of different ages, backgrounds, occupations and lifestyles living inside and outside Afghanistan.