Opening of „Narcotic City Archive“

Last week the HERA project „Governing the Narcotic City“ celebrated the opening of its Narcotic City Archive in the Aquarium in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Activists and scholars from across Europe were invited to share their stories and findings: From self-organised drug-checking in Amsterdam, London and Lisbon to solidarity in the Zurich heroin scene of the late 1980s, queer drug activism in Marseille, and much more.

The open-access Narcotic City Archive collects and preserves the heritage of substance use and many associated social, cultural, economic, and political issues. As project leader Stefan Höhne described it: „The archive is interested in how drugs are governed, imagined and lived as part of everyday life and how they have shaped societies and communities“. Discover and expand the archive yourself:

You can watch the opening event here.