Seventh Cohort of International Fellows arrived at KWI

This week we warmly welcome our seventh cohort of international fellows at KWI!

Tom Allen, Justin Begley and Morgan Robinson are at KWI for six months as part of the KWI International Fellowships, while Evelyn Runge holds the Thyssen@KWI Fellowship for the same period.

After a joint tour of Villa Hügel and the Ruhr Museum last Friday, the fellows are participating in the weekly colloquium at KWI for the first time this week.

Members of the UA Ruhr universities are also very welcome to collaborate with the fellows. For any requests or further information, please contact Dr. Ricarda Menn.

At the same time, we say goodbye to our Fellows of the last cohort: Niklas Barth, Christian Berger, Christian Kirchmeier, Candela Marini, Sanam Roohi, Cecilia Sebastian and Philipp Weber and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!