Mo / 10:00 – 11:30

Communicating Science

Between Practice and Reflection

Julika Griem, Sarah Tober

Online (Zoom)

At the Rhine Ruhr Center for Science Communication Research (RRC) we are dedicated to examining and improving the communication of research in the social sciences and the humanities. With colleagues based in Dortmund, Bonn, St. Augustin and Essen and in close cooperation with journalists we are trying to establish a more reflexive way of talking and writing about our research: We believe that it is not enough to focus on results and achievements, measured in scientometric ways; nor is it sufficient to just rely on strategies of popularization adapted from marketing. Instead, we aim at initiating exchanges about the processes and institutions, the rules, routines and rituals of scholarship and its social and historical contexts in intriguing and entertaining ways.

We will use examples from our research on humor and storytelling in science communication to demonstrate these assumptions from a cultural studies perspective. Beyond our brief presentation, we are very interested to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues interested in science communication at different career levels.

This event is part of the „Fit For Funding“ Week at Ruhr-University Bochum.