Fr / 13:30 – 15:20

Lecture: Cooking in Circles

Track 2 "Socio-Ecosystem of the Future" | International Symposium Ciruclarity

L. Sasha Gora

Seoul National University, Institute for Culture and Arts

How do we relate to the environment through the foods we eat and the stories we season them with? In Cooking in Circles cultural historian and writer L. Sasha Gora will survey the relationship between eating and ecology. Her keynote lecture collects examples of cooking as a collaborative cultural practice that reveals connections and proposes alternatives for being in relation with the flora and fauna different culinary traditions call food. Taken together, this collection narrates how materials, flavours, and ideas circulate from one context to another, how they mingle, merge, and melt into each other, and how cuisines relate to climate, how appetites shape futures.