Sa / 14:00 – 16:50

Polyphonic Bodies II

L. Sasha Gora (KWI), Erin Li (Delfina Foundation), Songsoo Kim

Asymmetry HQ,
102a Albion Drive, London, E8 4LY

A communal tasting – celebrating biodiversity and fermentation, movement and fluidity.

Playing with forms of hospitality and co-existence, this communal tasting at Asymmetry HQ aims to nurture a curious yet welcoming social situation that breaks down the boundaries and conventions of the collective meal – which is to say a script of courses, a hierarchy of seating, and a repertoire of flavours organised according to national allegiances.

Polyphonic Bodies II instead serves an edible landscape and invites visitors to graze, “forage”, and freely combine bites, the process of which catalyses connections and conversations related to biodiversity, cultural plurality, the climate crisis, and the generosity of the bacteria that choreographs good health and pleasure.

Please note vegetarian and vegan options are available but are limited.