Mi / 17:00 – 18:30

Workshop with Saša Stanišić and Martin Mittelmeier

Conversation in German and English organised by the German Department at Rutgers University

Saša Stanišić, Martin Mittelmeier, Damion Searls, Regina Karl

Online (Zoom)

The Rutgers German Department is pleased to welcome writer and German book prize winner Saša Stanišić for a workshop about his most recent book Herkunft, a tender and playful self-portrait about the fortuity of being born somewhere. Saša will be joined by his editor Martin Mittelmeier and his translator Damion Searls. The workshop will focus on zones of transition within and in conversation with the book, instances of (un)translatability and the tricky question of belonging. The session will be moderated by Thyssen@KWI fellow Regina Karl.