Dr. Paul Buckermann

Thyssen@KWI Fellow

Academic Career

Research fellow at Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) Essen.

Interim professor of political sociology at Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology at Heidelberg University.

Postdoc at Thematic Research Network “Wissensgeltung”/”Validity of Knowledge”, Heidelberg University.

Visiting scholar at Department of Cultural Management and Gender Studies at mdw-University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

2019- 2020
Senior assistant (Postdoc) at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Lucerne, Department of Sociology, General Sociology.

Research assistant at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Lucerne, Department of Sociology, General Sociology.

Research assistant at eikones – NCCR Iconic criticism, Module Visual Semantics and Visual Observations, University of Basel, University of Lucerne.

Research assistant at DFG-Research Training Group Automatisms: Cultural Techniques of Complexity Reduction, Paderborn University.

Research interests

  • Sociology of the arts
  • sociology of knowledge
  • political sociology
  • history and sociology of science
  • qualitative methods

Selected Publications:

  • P.B. (2023): Art museums and contradicting ecologies. Worldviews and boundary work. Artis Observatio. Allgemeine Zeitschrift für Kunstsoziologie und Soziologie der Künste, 2(1), 7­–33.
  • P.B. (ed.) (2022): Die Welten der documenta. Wissen und Geltung eines Großereignisses in der Kunst. Weilerswist: Velbrück.
  • P.B. (2021): Ranking Art: Paradigmatic Worldviews in the Quantification and Evaluation of Contemporary Art. In: Theory, Culture & Society 38(4), 89–109.
  • P.B (2023): How is art possible? Niklas Luhmann’s theory of art. In: Rogowski, Ralf (ed.): The Anthem Companion to Niklas Luhmann. London: Anthem Press.
  • P.B. (2020): Die Vermessung der Kunstwelt. Quantifizierende Beobachtungen und plurale Ordnungen der Kunst. Weilerswist: Velbrück.

For full CV, lists of publications and teachings please visit: https://paulbuckermann.com/