Dr. Tatiana Levina

Academy in Exile@KWI Fellow

AREAS OF INTEREST Feminist Philosophy, History of Women Philosophers, Philosophy of the Soviet Era, Epistemology, Metaphysics

AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION Philosophy of Art, Russian Religious Philosophy, Philosophical Theology


October 2021 – September 2023 Academy in Exile Fellow, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen, Germany

June 2018 – December 2020       Research Fellow, Lab of the Transcendental Philosophy, HSE University (Higher School of        Economics), Moscow

September 2007 – August 2020  Lecturer, Docent — Department of Humanities, HSE University

September 2003 – August 2007  Lab Assistant, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Philosophical Department


November 2003 – October 2007 Cand.Sci. in Cultural Studies & Religious Studies, MSU. Dissertation: “Anthropology of Cinema: Representation of Reality Analysis”

September 1998 – June 2003   Specialist in Philosophy, MSU


September 2021                          Visiting Fellow, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Wien

April-July 2012, April 2014      University of Oxford, Faculty of Philosophy, Academic Visitor

October 2013                               Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Visiting Fellow

August 2009 – February 2010 Harvard University (USA), Fulbright Visiting Scholar, project “Metaphysics of Art: Analytical     Philosophy & American Abstractionism”


“The Freedom for Philosopher: Scholarship and Activism of Lina Tumanova” (1936-1985) (in progress)

“Liberated Nothingness: Neoplatonic References of Suprematism” (in progress)

“No Women’s Land: New Ethics, Traditionalism and Philosophy of War” (in progress)

„Radiation of Divine Light: Byzantine meanings of Larionov’s abstractionism” (submitted to a peer reviewed journal)

“Iconic Revolution: The Asceticism of ‘Old Icons’ and the Avant-Garde”, In: What is to Be Done? Art Practice, Theory and Criticism in Russia during the Long Nineteenth Century. Ed. by Ludmila Piters-Hofmann and Isabel Wünsche. Berlin: Logos Verlag (in press)

“The Dazzling Darkness of ‘Black Square’: Malevich’s Religious Metaphysics”. In Religion and Secular Modernity in Russian Christianity, Judaism, and Atheism. Ed. by Ana Siljak. Cornell University Press (forthcoming, 2024)

“Defining Nothingness: Kazimir Malevich and Religious Renaissance”, Studies in East European Thought (2023)

“Sofya Yanovskaya in Defence of Abstractions: Between Soviet Ideology and Bourgeois Idealism”. In: Stalin Era Intellectuals: Culture and Stalinism. Ed. by Vesa Oittinen and Elina Viljanen. Routledge, 2022


Educational Innovations Award 2018, “Philosophy for the School of Design”

Best Lecturer of 2012 academic year


The Northwestern University Research Initiative for the Study of Russian Philosophy and Religious Thought (NU RPRT Research Initiative)

The Russian Art and Culture Group