Verena Kick

KWI International Fellow


2019 –

Assistant Professor of German
Department of German, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.                                               


Ph.D., German Studies
University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Graduate Certificate: Cinema & Media Studies
University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Staatsexamen Lehramt Gymnasium (Germanistik, Katholische Theologie)
Universität Regensburg, Germany


M.A., German
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Research Interests

  • 20th century German literature and visual culture
  • Focus: photobooks and photography of the 1920s and 1930s
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Digital Humanities

PUBLICATIONS (*peer-reviewed)

  • *“Shifting Constellations – Shifting Narratives? Issues of Intersectionality in Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s Photography from the US South” In: Monatshefte, Special Issue: Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s Photographic Practice 113.3 (2021): 445-465.
  • *“From Photobook to Digital Book: Curating Weimar Germany’s New Visual Literacy Online” In: Seminar, Special Issue: Digital Curation 57.3 (2021): 243-263.
  • *“From Photomontage to ‘Functional Montage’ – Staging an Intermedial Assembly Line in Kurt Tucholsky’s and John Heartfield’s Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles” In: Studien zur deutschen Sprache und Literatur 40.2 (2018): 33-53.
  • *“Allegorien der Geschichte: Werner Herzogs Lektionen in Finsternis” In: Focus on German Studies 24 (2017): 1-18.
  • “Making Philosophy Accessible. Werner Herzog’s Filmmaking and the Issues of Nature, Selfhood, and History.” Review of Richard Eldridge: Werner Herzog. Filmmaker and Philosopher. Bloomsbury, 2018. In: Existenz. An International Journal in Philosophy, Religion, Politics and the Arts 15.1, Spring 2020.