Mo / 16:15 – 18:30

Digital Visual Journalism: Ethical Considerations in the Making. A Defining Photo from Ukraine

Part of the Jour fixe of the Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe "Zugang zu kulturellen Gütern im digitalen Wandel" at the University of Münster

Evelyn Runge, KWI

Raum 201, Philosophikum, Domplatz 23, 48143 Münster

Digital visual journalism refers to ethics on several levels, for example on the photojournalist’s – hence individual – level, and on institutional level during further journalistic selection procedures performed by photo editors, image brokers, and social media editors, as well as on an investigative level using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Open Source Investigations (OSINV). In recent years, photo-theory argues for complementary ethical approaches, including personal statements of ethics that overcome normative orders such as press codices, codes of ethics and internal ethical statutes beyond dichotomies.