Fr / 10:30 – 16:00

Foucault as Boundary Object

Interdisciplinary Roundtables

University of Sussex (UK) and online

10:30-12:30 and 14:00-16:00 (GMT+1), Moot Room, Freeman Centre and online 

We warmly invite all interested researchers and students to our transdisciplinary roundtables on Foucault’s work as a Boundary Object. The roundtables commemorate the 40th anniversary of Michel Foucault’s death and form part of the “Foucault: 40 Years After” World Congress. First theorised in the field of Science Technology Studies, the concept of a boundary object refers to objects which are ‘plastic enough to adapt to local needs,’ and constraints but ‘robust enough to maintain a common identity,’ across the multiple contexts they are put to work in (Star and Greisemer, 1989: 393). To consider Foucault’s work as a boundary object, the roundtables will celebrate simultaneously the coherence and the generative capacity of Foucault’s theoretical and methodological contributions across the Social Sciences, the Arts and Humanities, and Law.

The roundtables bring together speakers representing the breadth and novelty of research undertaken with, and in the spirit of, Foucault’s work at the University of Sussex. Collectively, the speakers will explore how the Boundary Object ‘Foucault’ continues to drive critical research across disciplines, which boundaries Foucault helps us to interrogate in the 21st century social present, and which remain to be crossed for Foucauldian work to retain its critical relevance. Beyond showcasing the research of individual participants, the roundtables aim to inspire transdisciplinary discussions and links, both between the speakers and between speakers and audience. We intend for the roundtable sessions to be as interactive as possible, and welcome contributions from audience members of all disciplines and career stages.

Roundtable 1: Foucault as Boundary Object (10:30-12:30)

Chair: Aleksandra Lewicki, Sociology

Josh Bowsher, Sociology

Stuart Cartland, Global Studies

Emma Somerset Davis, Arts

Elif Demirbas, Sociology

Roundtable 2: Foucauldian boundaries: thinking through, with, beyond Foucault today (14:00-16:00)

Chair: Aleksandra Lewicki, Sociology

Yari Lanci, Sociology

Paul McGuinness, Criminology

Hannah Richter, Politics

Vladimir Rizov, Criminology

Bal Sokhi-Bulley, Law

The roundtables will take place on May 10 in the Moot Room of the University of Sussex Freeman Centre.