Do / 16:00 – 17:30

KWI on Tour: Tackling Multiple Discrimination within the Roma LGBTI+ Community

International Human Rights Conference, EuroPride 2022 in Belgrade

Dezso Mate, Academy in Exile@KWI Fellow

Dejan, Pride House (Belgrade Youth Centre - Dom omladine Beograda), 22 Makedonska Street, Belgrade

It is factual that Roma LGBTI+ persons face systematic multiple marginalization and discrimination based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. There is an urgent need to address the challenges the Roma LGBTI+ persons face on daily basis, such as violence and hatred by their families and community members due to the patriarchal mentality still upholding strongly. Additionally, it is important to also address the exclusion and discrimination they face by LGBTI+ organizations, and by majority of society as well. During this panel, human rights of Roma LGBTI+ persons will be tackled and discussed. The aim of the panel is for the speakers to share their experience as human rights activists and members of both the Roma and the LGBTI+ communities. Ways, mechanisms, and recommendations will be presented on how to tackle discrimination of Roma LGBTI+ persons through activism, from grassroot to institutional, at all levels of society, on a pan-European level.