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New KWI Fellows: Welcome and Introduction

New KWI Fellows

Online (Zoom) & Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI), Gartensaal, Goethestr. 31. 45128 Essen

In April 2022, nine new fellows have begun their six-month research stays at KWI. On this evening, they will present their research projects, ranging from disciplines such as history, sociology to art history and literary studies.

During his time at KWI, Florian Fuchs will work on a project entitled “The Visual Afterlife of Theory – Harun Farocki’s Procedures”. While Kasey Henricks is at KWI, he will further develop his second book project tentatively titled “Chicago on the Take: Ticketing and Towing in the City of Collision”. Gregory Jones-Katz will concentrate on his new book project, “Globalizing American Theory: The Cultural Politics of the Academic Left and the Neoliberal University”. Weronika Kobylińska will focus on artistic narratives – such as soundwalkings and sonic art – created in dialogue with the Ruhr’s soundscapes during her fellowship. Nisha Kommattam will devote her time to the completion of a book manuscript titled “The Public Secret, a monograph focusing on narratives of queerness and trauma in South India”. Irit Kornblit will spend her time at KWI undertaking a conceptual history of “cultural diversity”. Tilo Reifenstein’s work during his fellowship will aim to characterise art-history writing as an epistemic practice that is necessarily literary. Avril Tynan will pursue a monograph on the role of dementia in contemporary French literature. As new Thyssen@KWI Fellow, Kathrin Yacavone will begin work on a new project on ‘Forms and Formats of Photography’s Cultural Institutionalisation’.