Mi / 15:15 – 16:15

The Romani LGBTI Movement in Europe

Online Open Lecture | UiS Gender Studies

Dezso Mate, KWI

Online (ZOOM)

This open lecture looks at the gaps of the Romani LGBTI human rights movement to reveal their intersectional lived experiences through the notion of historical antigypsyism. In the study, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of various dimensions of intersectional antigypsyism and to offer a scientific narrative through descriptive historical, engaged sociological, and social-psychological analysis. The study objective is to examine the Romani LGBTI people human rights movement within the framework of feminist, decolonial, and queer critique, through a reflexive analysis of intersectional human rights politics. Into the specific, the research question focuses on, how Romani LGBTI people are facing and resisting multiplied dimensions of antigypsyism, human rights violations such as hate crimes, internalization, normalized public shaming, and scapegoating between the majority society and within their own groups as well.